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Squeeze Please pouches are sold in packs of 3Squeeze Please Pouches (3 pouches, 150mL capacity)

Now you can take your delicious homemade toddler and baby food with you on the go. Squeeze Please pouches are an economical and environmentally friendly solution for busy parents on the go.

Reusable Please!
Squeeze Please pouches are zipper-sealed at the bottom so they can be filled with your homemade creations over and over again. They’re perfect for anything squishy, from homemade baby food, to apple sauce, oatmeal, yogurt or anything in between.

Portable Please!
Squeeze Please pouches are portable and can be taken anywhere you go. No more carrying around breakable glass jars, bowls, spoons, and cups. There will be less to carry, and less mess to clean up too. And when you’re finished, the empty pouches can be rolled up and folded to neatly pack away.

Convenient Please!
Squeeze Please pouches are super-easy to clean. They’re top rack dishwasher rack safe, or you can wash them by hand with warm soapy water. Baby bottle brushes work well too. These pouches are freezer safe, so you can make your fresh meals all at one time and save them for later.

Safe Please!
BPA-free, PVC-free, Lead-free, and Phthalate-free. Because your pouches should have your fresh food inside, not harmful chemicals.

We ship anywhere within Canada and the UK/EU.

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