How to get a homemade smoothie in your kid’s lunchbox


Recently the team over at have been on the hunt for the perfect product to get her homemade smoothies into her son’s lunch. We’re so glad they found us!

You can read their full review here

We’re so happy to hear from reviewers in the UK.  Although we’re Canadian, we spent 5 years living in London.  My 4 year old was born in the UK, and Squeeze Please was inspired by his love the store bought pouches that are so easy to find in any shop. (we just wanted to give the landfill a break, and make one that was reusable!)  He used to have a pouch everyday in his buggy on the way home from nursery.  

Squeeze Please is available in the UK and all over Europe wherever Amazon delivers.  

You can find us on here with free shipping within the UK!