How cool is this! Here we are, in the September / October 2015 issue of Baby London: I’m so excited!  I used to always get this magazine when we lived in the UK.  This is just so cool!

We’re in Baby London Magazine!

I love store bought ice pops, but not the sugar.  These homemade freezie treats are perfect.  Filled with whatever you want, frozen smoothies or yogurt… they’re the best for cooling off on hot summer days!

Cool down from the summer heat!

Sometimes time really flies.  It feels like I blinked and all of June happened.   But Spring was awesome.  Squeeze Please sponsored a local Toronto kids ball hockey league.  This amazing league has been around for 40 years, purely volunteer run by some very passionate parents.  We were happy […]

A busy spring – we sponsored a local ball hockey ...

Did you know Squeeze Please pouches are available from Amazon Canada, Fenigo, Picklebee, Belo&Me, NotTheHighStreet and Amazon UK? Check out our list of where to buy.  We sell to Canada and Europe.  

Where to buy

I think most people intuitively know that homemade baby food is cheaper than store bought.  But what do the numbers show?  Well, someone has run them 🙂  Have a look at One Broke Mom and see.  Spoiler alert: your intuition is right

Let’s do the math

An email we got: Just wanted to say that you guys have a great product! We discovered Squeeze Please pouches last year when our son was about 8 months old and he’s used them every day since. They’ve come with us everywhere — including Europe and Brazil — and […]

It’s always lovely to hear positive feedback!

Looking for lunch ideas?  check out the Clean Eating Kids Lunch Ideas section of      

Hellllllllooooo Lunch!

If you were at the Toronto Baby Show over the weekend, you got this in your door bag:  Cool Stuff, the Essential Buyer’s Guide for Mom. Look who’s on page 25!

Cool Stuff Guide

Recently the team over at have been on the hunt for the perfect product to get her homemade smoothies into her son’s lunch. We’re so glad they found us! You can read their full review here We’re so happy to hear from reviewers in the UK. […]

How to get a homemade smoothie in your kid’s lunchbox

I so often forget to keep my high ethylene fruits separate from my other fruits (sneaky Cantaloupe!!).   I found this great info graphic, printable for your fridge. And the American Heart Association has a great detailed guide for where to store fruits and veggies to keep […]

Keep Fruits & Vegetables Fresher Longer

It’s been HOT here!  No complaints, we had a hard winter I am loving the heat.  I’ve been freezing almost all my pouches this past month, they make the BEST freezer treats. And yes, i eat them too! 🙂

Summer Heat Relief – DIY freezer treats!

As my son gets closer to kindergarten age i’m on the lookout for cool litterless lunch products.  Reusable Food pouch?  check! These look cool: From eco vessel (Canadian shoppers can find it on I’m a huge fan of anything that is collapsible and comes home smaller […]


Last week was my son’s birthday.  I was making a tray of mini cupcakes.  Have you ever tried to fill those tiny little things?!  I’m no baking expert, i’m sure there are some tricks out there.  But after 10 minutes of fussing around and making a huge mess, i decided […]

How This Reusable Food Pouch Saved My Mini Cupcakes