About Us

Squeeze Please is a family business, run by Canadians.Three pairs of boots from a travelling family on the go!

Between the two of us, my husband and I have lived in 5 different countries (Canada, USA, UK, Taiwan, and Belgium).  We’ve always been explorers.  When we decided to start a family we wanted to share our wanderlust with our son.  He has now lived in 3 countries with us, and travelled to over 15 countries, all by the age of 3!

When my first son reached the milestone of 6 months old  I was thrilled to start transitioning him onto solid foods.  I loved buying the freshest produce and feeding him my own home made purées and smoothies.  At that time we were living in Taiwan, and I was lucky to be able to shop in the local markets for fresh produce. I also had access to flavours and tastes I wouldn’t have had back home.  I adored making him fresh purées, and as he explored tastes and textures I felt good knowing that I knew exactly what I was feeding him.

Unfortunately our travelling life didn’t always match with my desire to feed him my home made creations.  Weekend trips involved packing an assortment of glass jarred baby foods, spoons, bowls etc..  I can remember being on trains with him, carrying a backpack of little jars, half eaten, clinking together and ready to smash in my bag – and wishing there was a better way.

By the time our son turned 11 months old, we moved to the UK, where I found dozens of brands of pre-packaged squeeze pouches for baby and toddler food, some of which had fantastic flavour combinations and many had an option for organic ingredients.  Those pouches made things very convenient, just throw a few into your bag and you were ready to travel!  Airplanes, trains, cars, rest stops in the mountains … we used them everywhere.  I loved them and my son loved them.  However, the price of all those pouches added up and I realized that they were quite expensive! And what was worse for me was that I didn’t have the same comfort of knowing that feeding him my own home made foods.

And that’s when we were inspired to create a reusable food pouch that would provide parents the convenience to take their home-made goodness on the go.  Of course, BPA-free and PVC-free.

Squeeze Please is the results of our efforts.  Designed for our 3 year old toddler, named by our 3 year old toddler.  We hope you love it too!


P.S. with our second almost hitting the weaning phase, we’re looking forward to using the Squeeze Please with him too!




P.S. with another little boy on the way we’re looking forward to using the Squeeze Please with him too!