A busy spring – we sponsored a local ball hockey team!


Sometimes time really flies.  It feels like I blinked and all of June happened.  

But Spring was awesome.  Squeeze Please sponsored a local Toronto kids ball hockey league.  This amazing league has been around for 40 years, purely volunteer run by some very passionate parents.  We were happy to sponsor a team in the Mite division to do our bit to help keep the league going.  From Easter weekend until mid June the Mite-y Squeeze played their hearts out at some very early Saturday and Sunday mornings.  I’m also going to give a huge thank you to another sponsor the local Riverdale Perk for supplying complimentary coffee each and every game.  8:15am game times felt that much better – thank you! 

It was a great season.  Here’s the Mite-y Squeeze playing their parents on championship day in June (and winning! – go Squeeze!)